"Autowhale's mission is to let startups focus on what they really want and need to do - Building their product. We try to do our part to take the most disruptive industry of the 21st century one step forward."

- Thomas, CEO - Autowhale
Incorporated in Austria, Europe.

We are proud to be incorporated in our homecountry in the heart of Europe. Together with our legal partners we have established a business on a solid legal basis that gives us the needed grounding to deliver the best to our clients.

Experience & Strategic partnerships.

With years of experience in this new industry and after following all the up's and down's of crypto businesses and ICO processes we feel to give something back to help others realize their ideas and avoid mistakes in that process.

Constructed for your needs.

We focus on developing our products tailored for you. Therefore we are always open for new feature - or even product requests - from our clients.

What we do

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Market Making

Tokens often struggle with low liquidity and volume. Our bots are solving that problem. In close collaboration we find the best solution that fits your tokens needs and helps keeping your markets sustainable and healthy in the long-run.
We are offering both liquidity for the orderbooks of your assets and trading solutions that help mature the markets of our clients.

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Chainanalysis Tool

Chain analysis meets trading. Our first-of-its-kind tool that we developed closely with our clients allows us to play a vital role for a healthy token economy. For your business, that is built around a token, it is essential that your users experience a seamless integration of your token into your app. Therefore preventing price fluctuations is what we made our goal with our service.

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Networking & Consulting

We are here to help with our network. Together with partners worldwide we offer our clients a variety of different marketing and collaboration opportunities or handle & help with exchange listings or wallet integrations. No matter if it is about token-economics, token-sales, decentralization, etc. - we are glad to consult and help!

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Community Management

Communities can quickly get large and muddled up. Especially on Telegram where everyone can join it is essential to have moderation in place for keeping the conversation clean, constructive and benefitial for the project. We help our clients with our Autowhale Moderation Bot plus with admins around the globe who are passionate to contribute to and moderate crypto-realted groups.

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How we work & Core Values


Get in touch

Feel free to drop us a message via email. We are looking forward to get to know you!


Strategic Planning

After our Due Diligence Process we will together find the strategically most valuable concept for you.



After having set up our systems for you, you can start focusing on your product and let us manage your markets.

Be on the same level.

We want our business relationship to be based on an equal footing and to find the solution that best meets their needs.


We aim to provide you with as much information about your products as possible which includes trading data, market monitoring, etc.


We act morally - therefore we don't engage in market manipulation nor in pump&dump schemes. Our aim is to make markets more healthy in order to provide your users a better experience while using your product.


See what our clients have to say about us.
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See what our clients have to say about us.
Colin Pape

Presearch has benefited from Autowhale’s innovative services to solve the tough, high-value challenges that many blockchain projects face. We’ve been impressed with their reliability, expertise and professionalism and recommend their services to other projects.

Nikola Alexandrow

Autowhale has proven themselves as a valuable consultant when it comes to exchanges integration. Through their strong business network, they have helped us improve our relationship with HitBTC and has also assisted us with getting listed on KuCoin.

Partners & Clients

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  • Presearch
  • Locktrip
  • Signature Token