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Autowhale focusses on providing high-frequency-trading software ranging from crypto market making bots to various custom solutions tailored for our clients. Together with our network of exchanges and other essential service providers we can support you on all aspects around secondary markets.

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Exchange Listings & Relations

We have a large network of exchanges, we can find the best listing/IEO opportunities for you and get you a great value for money,

Crypto Market Making Software

Crypto Market Making Services

Our crypto market making bots are delivering excellent value for our clients.

Media Coverage & Ads

Autowhale Market Making

We run a handful of sites ourselves, together with partners we have the perfect fit for you

Our Features

Enjoy Preconfigured Setups or Full Control

The Autowhale crypto market making service comes with pre-configured setups to get you started as quickly as possible. The software is built proprietary in-house.

Need customization? Don’t worry. With Autowhale everything’s possible.


Enjoy a secure and confidential working environment.

Always have the control over your trading activity.

Crypto Market Making

Leverage a proven crypto market making software

Why our software

Autowhale has a proven track-record in software development. 

Operating 24/7

Our servers and systems are up 24/7, if needed we have a team around the globe to support you. 

Highly interconnected

We are highly interconnected in the industry. We have strong relations with exchanges, wallets and other service providers that are essential for our clients.

Autowhale security

Secure & Confidential

We know that our clients have sometimes to share highly confidential information, which is why we have set our team, system and communication up in a way that information is shared when it is absolutely needed. 


Crypto Market Making Plans

Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today! 🤓

Set up a meeting with one of our partners and get started in no time. We are set up that you can get started at the earliest point possible.

Easy Setup

Get your Crypto Market Making Bots set up in no time ⏱

Don’t worry about complicated strategies, setting up a reliable system for your bots or having to deal with exchanges – this, is all done for you at Autowhale!

Set up your desired exchange accounts

We'll work out the best setup with you

Choose a plan

Get started! 🚀

What They’re Saying

Success Stories 🎉

Presearch has benefited from Autowhale’s innovative services to solve the tough, high-value challenges that many blockchain projects face. We’ve been impressed with their reliability, expertise and professionalism and recommend their services to other projects.

Colin Pape

CEO & Founder, Presearch

Autowhale has proven themselves as a valuable consultant when it comes to exchanges integration. Through their strong business network, they have helped us improve our relationship with HitBTC and has also assisted us with getting listed on KuCoin.


CEO, Locktrip

All-Round carefree package

We provide our clients with a all-round carefree packge in terms of exchanges, wallets, crypto market making, media publications and other essential services. 

Trial Periods

We know trusting a new service provider might be difficult which is why we offer all clients a trial period to test our crypto market making services out. 

Autowhale built Liquidary 👷 is a cryptocurrency, stocks and commodities screener. We offer at Liqudiary early-stage startups the opportunity to get free press coverage. Make sure to check it out and stay up to date on the exciting future of Liquidary.