Frequently Asked Questions


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Autowhales offer to its clients is apart from a variety of services, a transparent, on the same level relation. That makes in our opinion Autowhale the best choice.
Currently, Autowhale does not offer organizing ICOs. Autowhale can though help with its network to have a successful token launch. (See Networking & Consulting FAQ)
Autowhale is incorporated in Vienna, Austria - in the center of Europe. Its legal form is "GmbH" which is Austrian equvialent of a "Limited"/"Ltd.".
No, at the moment trading solution are exclusively available for B2B customers. Again, the primary aim with our solutions is not to make money but to help companies keep their markets healthy.

Market Making

See frequently asked questions regarding Market Making.

No. Market Makers are acting in traditional markets as well as in Crypto markets with the primary aim to keep the market healthy - often big corporations have their in-house market makers for their stocks.
If you choose to go with hte liquidity service from out Market Making department there is a chance of making money (no guarantee). In case of a profit, the profit shall be shared between Autowhale and the client.
For covering the trading fees Autowhale offers a all-in-one-package which already includes money for trading fees. Besides from that the client can also pay for trading fees seperatly. For providing liquidity there are no options set in stone and will therefore be discussed with you on a case-by-case basis.
For business inquiries please contact bd@autowhale.net. Support is given in form of email, Telegram or (video-)calls.

Chainanalysis Tool

We identified the risk that smaller markets bring with them - High volatility. Through blockchain technology we are able to foresee volatility and help you prevent it to increase your users experience.

The token tracker monitors your token 24/7 and acts accoridingly if there is a (by you specified) big transaction. If this transactions goes to an exchange it automatically places orders to prvent the market from crashing. For more information on how our Chainanalysis Tool works, visit the Products & Services Page.
For now only ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain are supported. This was a strategic decision due to the popularity of this particular network. If your token runs on a different blockchain, feel free to send a feature request to our development department dev@autowhale.net.
Yes, the MVP is a system that allows our system to monitor the blockchain, notify our clients and trade accordingly. Additional features are beingdeveloped such as tracking of certain wallets (--> following the money flow), records of names that belong to wallets, etc.
If you have other suggestions feel free to let us know!
The MVP doesn't include an API, however if there is the need we are certainly open for working together with you on integrating our API into your system.

Networking & Consulting

We believe out network is strong. See answers to frequently asked questions below.

Yes absolutely, drop us a line at bd@autowhale.net and let's discuss different opportunities. Of course, first talks are free of charge and do not have to include commitments to future business.
Within Autowhales network there is a big variety of different opportunities such as marketing deals (e.g. Articles, Social Media, Influencer, etc.), exchange & wallet listings or Smart Contract Audits.
Autowhale will be your counterpart to develop and brainstorm new ideas for the optimal usuage of a token in your system. With a game-theoretic approach we will try to find a solution that fits your needs and is in the long-run sustainable.
Yes, particularly there is the possibility to do seminars - If you are interested email b2c@autowhale.net.

Billing & Pricing

Find information regarding payment, pricing and billing below.

Market Making and the Price Stability Tool are priced on a default fee plus an additional cost per exchange and trading pair per month. Networking & Consulting differs case-by-case. E.g. on deals like exchange listings Autowhale operates on both commission or success fee basis.
Currently we accept the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Apart from that we do also accept wire transfers.
We offer for both market making and the Chainanalysis Tool monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly and annual payments. These payments are paid upfront.
Individual deals for one-time services are negotiated on a deal-by-deal basis.
For all services there will be an invoice created.
Yes, this is absolutely possible.

Due Diligence

We have to perform Due Diligence for each client, find the most frequently asked questions below.

We are committed by law to do DDon our clients. Apart from that we have some in-house criteria after which we determine whether we can work with a client or not.
Find some of the criterias here:
First, the asset of the client shall not be a security and therefore shall also not be in confilct with the SECs securities laws. A legal opinion on whether the token is a utility is very recommended. There must be a legal entity behind the project.
Yes, with our legal partner we offer a huge network of lawyers all around the world who can create legal opinions for your asset.
Yes, for the upfront "paperwork" we will have to collect ID(s) for KYC/AML checks. In addition to that there may be information about the ICO and other documents regarding the token necessary.