Autowhale`s Products & Services

How we do Market Making

Market Making is often misunderstood and interpreted as some kind of "market manipulation". So first let's clearly define what it is: Market Making comes from traditional financial markets and describes an entity that helps keeping markets of an asset healthy. Meaning, providing liquidity for buying and selling that asset. This is vital because as a buyer of a token you want to purchase an asset (close to) the last price. In technical terms a market makers job is described as keeping the spread in the order book of an asset as tight as possible.
Autowhale does exactly that for its clients. The aim of doing that is - besides making an immediate effect of being a more attractive market to trade on - to enable markets to grow organically by attracting more buyers and sellers who then themselves provide more liquidity.

How our Community Management System works

A good community is not just a chat of people asking questions but an on-going conversation free of spam and scams. With our moderators who are all passioante about blockchain, crypto currencies and new innovation in the space we will develop an on-going startegy together with you to find a perfect mix for your community.

Our admins will help you keeping the discussion friendly and constructive but also direct new users to your content. In combination with our own Telegram bot that filters out the obvious scam and spam you are all set up for having a flourishing community!

How our Chainanalysis Tool works

On the Ethereum blockchain our systems monitor your tokens transactions. Whenever there is an transaction that meets certain requirements (e.g. exceeding a transaction size, transfer to a certain wallet, etc.) you will get notified via our app and via the webapp. In addition to that our system allows our clients to dynamically react to whats happening.
Here is an example: Your token is listed on exchange A. In the orderbooks on that exchange are buy orders worth 10 BTC until a 2% decline in price is reached. Autowhales system notifies you that there is transaction to exchange A that is worth 20 BTC and would therefore crash your tokens market by more than 2%. Our bots react accordingly and prevent this crash from happening.
This tool is a MVP - more features are being added as we speak. If you wish, we can work out a custom solution for you.

What we can consult on and how our network helps you

There is no concrete answer to that since every company has different needs but here are some tasks we assisted clients in the past: exchange listings, wallet integrations, analysis and evaluation of partnership-offerings, help with marketing concepts, provide community management, etc.