Meet the team

Cryptocurrency supporters and true talents in each of their fields, who have taken on the challenge to build Autowhale and its services.
Team Member

Thomas Pratter

CEO & Founder

About Thomas

Thomas has accomplished several milestones already in the Crypto space - such as having worked on partnerships, exchange listings & market making with partners in Asia, US, Canada and Europe. Since 2012 he is following, trading and networking in the space and now wants to bring his efforts one step further by founding Autowhale.

Despite his young age he has already a lot of experience in the Crypto and Trading community. With his ability to objectively analyze problems and his network of business contacts he can help new businesses and startups entering and sustaining in the space.

Team Member

Husein Gagajew

Husein is a full-stack Java Spring and Javascript developer. He is involved in several startups helping with backend development. Together with Thomas he decided to make his first steps into the Crypto space and bring his expertise into a fascinating new industry.


Team Member

Sophie Weidenhiller

Sophie is a well-experienced community builder and speaker. Her biggest assets are her excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Together with her passion for decentralized and permission-less systems she makes herself a vital part of the Autowhale team.


CMO & Business Development
Team Member

Julian Palmanshofer

As a Software Engineer and IT Consultant Julian founded his own IT services company in Austria. With his skill set in full stack web and database programming he is able, together with partners, to add value to any IT-project.
With his company he helped with parts of the first version of the Autowhale Terminal.


Software Developer & Design Expert
Benjamin Leff

Benjamin Leff

Ben's passion for growth and adoption of the blockchain space has him overseeing Business Development Opportunities for Kraken Exchange. Before that, Ben worked extensively with Liquid Exchange as a Global Ambassador, even visiting their headquarters in Vietnam.


Business Development Manager
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