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Getting Listed on Crypto Exchanges: The Vital Importance of Market Maker

Getting listed on crypto exchanges is an important step if you want to take your cryptocurrency project to the next level. The process can be very complicated and time consuming, but the benefits are worth it. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to list on a cryptocurrency exchange and how to maximize your success with crypto market making and algorithmic trading.

Crypto Market Making for Token Projects: The 3 Secret Keystone To A Token’s Success

Even highly liquid markets experience high volatility. Crypto market making for token projects is, therefore, an essential element for crypto token projects. This article will walk you through what things to keep an eye on when figuring out the optimal crypto market...

Crypto Options Market Making – A High-Stakes Game of Risk and Reward

In contrast to spot market making which most token projects are looking for crypto options market making is a more sophisticated trading endeavour that leverages contracts on derivatives exchanges. Crypto options market making refers to the process of providing...

Factors to look at when building a robust algorithmic trading software systems

Algorithmic trading is a type of trading that uses programmed computers to make trade decisions. This is in contrast to traditional, human-based trading where decisions are made based on gut instinct or experience. Algorithmic trading software takes into account a...

Easy solution for Pancakeswap Price impact too high

On decentralized exchanges traders swap tokens against a liquidity pool. In contrast to centralized exchanges that use limit order books. Due to the nature of such exchanges traders often face the error message "price impact too high". This short article walks through...

Developing a simple delta-neutral market making strategy & understanding important market microstructure concepts

Liquidity providers in financial markets have some sort of plan which they leverage to trade and provide capital to markets. To get a grasp of what a market making strategy could look like, we will discuss all the basics and set a foundation to have a fundamental...

How Liquidity Crisis impact markets micro- and macro-structure

Liquidity crisis correlate with uncertainty, generally speaking. In times of macro uncertainty liquidity dries up on overall markets causing higher volatility, often led to the downside. In this article we will look both from a macro-perspective and a market...

Complete guide on how to reduce yield farming risks

To reduce yield farming risks, it you have to have solid knowledge on how to prevent any possible damages from yield farming. I would like you to have a substantial understanding of what Yield Farming is; only then would you be able to understand How to be safe from...

How new machine learning algos disrupt algorithmic trading in crypto

In algorithmic trading in cryptocurrency markets its always key to have an edge in the markets since the space is moving fast and adopting to the latest trends in technology. Machine Learning algorithms can help spot patterns in historical data, model market...

Risk management in crypto – Best strategies on how to not lose money or at least reduce the risk

The crypto sector and therefore risk management in crypto has seen institutional and individual traders turn their attention to this space in the recent past. However, while the crypto sector is rapidly gaining popularity, cryptocurrency trading does come with certain...


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