Crypto Asset Management  

Enabling Institutional Trading

At Autowhale, we aim to redefine automated crypto asset management systems by  taking away the technical challenges building and setting up an asset management system and enabling our clients to implement their own strategies as well as use a set of pre-made strategies. Our proprietary fund management solution was developed as a result of years in the crypto space as a B2B service provider. We built our fund management system in-house to perfectly match the specific needs of our crypto-trading clients.

Algorithmic trading system

CAM Software

Crypto Asset Management Infrastructure

Developing trading engines is a complex task and requires professionals, experience and time as well as multiple iterations to get to the final product. We will develop such an algo trading system – based on Autowhale’s core code – together with you. We will include our basic market making algos together with the core features of our engine. Together with you we will match all your requirements and find the best tailor-made solution and even realize new strategies.

Core Features

Crypto Asset Management System Overview


Our crypto asset management system is built to scale to multiple strategies, coins, markets and exchanges.


Our crypto asset management system is designed to be secure. API keys & other sensitive data is stored encrypted and users have different rights.


We have integrated a wide variety of sifferent exchanges. Find a list of the most popular ones below.

Market Data.

Autowhale Crypto Asset Management System enables you to collect any kind of market data from exchanges to save on expensive data providers.


Our crypto asset management system is designed to be configurable in an inutitive ay via a web frontend delivered.


As a a complex system, we are always extending logging, documentation and other ways to make debugging for our clients as simple as possible.


Run 2 strategies on one market without needing to to create a new api key.


Test your strategies with our testing option. We’ll either use sandbox environments of exchanges or dummy trades.

Fee Rebates.

We partner with leading exchanges such as to provide fee rebates to clients.

Premade Strategies.

Our background has been in building market making strategies. Using our knowledge in. thedomain we are constantly extending our library of premade strategies you can purchase with Autowhale DAMS.


We can provide you with implementations of your own algos as well as a connector to Autowhale’s proprietary strategies.


We will support you with our whitelabel solution as well as provide you with a yearly maintance subscription.



Annual Subscription for Autowhale DAMS.


Pay a % cut of the volume traded with our DAMS.


Pay a flat one-time fee for lifetime access to Autowhale Crypto Asset Management System.

Note Pricing depends on. the exact configuration and setup of your unqiue system. Additional charges for maintances, support or added features may apply. Reach out fora custom proposal.

Mobile optimized Terminal

Autowhale Terminal is mobile-optimized. We built our frontend to be used both on desktop and mobile, it features a responsive UI for all components of the system, a clean UI, dark mode and many other quirks of a state-of-the-art mobile app.

Easily control, setup, stop and start your bots on the go. Get insights into the performance of your trades, dig into trade reporting, watch markets and setup exchange accounts at your finger tips.

Asset Management System

Reporting, Analysis, Insights

Autowhale Terminal provides you with a straight forward interface to control everything related to your trading operation. 

Set up and connect to exchange accounts, view their balances develop over time, get insights into a wide variety of performacne metrics for your strategies and more. 

Autowhale Terminal features granular user management, allowing you to assign different roles to your traders limiting their access (i.E. read, write rights). Also, assign exchange accounts to only a select group of users or group strategies to categories that you can assign to your users.

Digital Asset Management System
Digital Asset Management System

Get your crypto asset management system setup

Crypto Asset Management – Whitelabel Solution

Autowhale’s proprietary crypto asset management system simplifies trading operations, automates execution, and efficiently manages your crypto capital, eliminating the need for constant optimization and minimizing third-party risks. Our system enables you to get the technical challenges out of the way and get your started managing your trading and investing.

Built to Last

Modular architecture

Extendable HFT software

Our crypto asset management system is built to be extended. When delivered to you, the system has the capability to be easily extended or connected to Autowhale’s systems to access for advanced and custom features you might need down the road.

Deployable on your hardware

While our crypto asset management software is in its part a complex system, we will ensure it will run on your systems and hardware. We will also consult you on the optimal setup matching your requirements. Typical hosting environments may be services like AWS or Azure.

Performance where needed

Execution time matters. Therefore components of our system that require fast execution are grouped together to ensure high performance.

Autowhale Terminal

Control. Stats. Configurability.

Autowhake Terminal is your interface to control, manage and get insights into your trading. It gives a wide variety of insights and management options of your algo trading software solution.


Extensive performance reports, metrics, charts and stats


Full configurability of your strategies


Branding, extension and customization options available


Detailed logging of strategy performance, bugs & warnings


User management and protected areas for your employees

Integrated exchanges

Find a list of exchanges that are working with our crypto asset management system solution below. If you are looking to work with an exchange that is not listed, please reach out and we will include that in your custom offer.

Autowhale is deeply integrated with more than 50 top-tier crypto exchanges, providing a seamless trading experience through our crypto asset management solution. Our integrations span across exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken, to platforms such as KuCoin and Bitget, giving you unparalleled access to liquidity pools and trading pairs.

We’re continuously expanding our network of integrated platforms especially in the DeFi sector to offer the most comprehensive trading environment available.

| binance

| huobi

| kucoin

| ftx


| aax

| bitfinex

| bitmex

| kraken

| coinbase

| bybit

| coinmate

| coinone


| hitbtc

| mexc

| okx

| ripio

| upbit

| zb

& more