Tech Investment Show 2023: Insights and Takeaways

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Tech Investment Show 2023 : Insights and Take aways

In an ever-changing world, the field of technology swiftly advances, with infinite products, ideas, and discoveries continually redefining our daily lives. As we enter 2023, the promise of technology is more visible than ever, whether it’s via machines that perform dull chores, robots that aid in hazardous situations, or artificial intelligence that helps humans interpret data; the list goes on and on, and it’s always improving our lives.

Event Overview and Venue

The Tech Investment Show 2023, a premier event furnishing tech aficionados, business magnates, and investors from across the globe from different areas like foodtech to fintech with in-depth insights into the vanguard of technology, flaunts a primary aim of comprehending the disruptive technologies that are reshaping our world and redefining the way we conduct business. In this article, we’ll talk about the key takeaways from the Tech Investment Show 2023 and look at the future of tech from the point of view of leaders and experts in the field.

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The Venue: BANGKOK, THAILAND Queen Sirikit National Convention Center Hall 7 Date: 16 – 19 February 2023

The Tech Investment Show 2023

The Tech Investment Show 2023 was properly organized and well planned. The four days event was divided into 2 segments and covered many different fields of the tech industry. The first two days from February 16 to 17, were designated to focus on tech startups. Four selected categories were chosen from industries such as E-commerce & Logistics, Adtech & Martech, Food & Agtech, HealthTech, TravelTech, SaaS, EdTech, and Financial Services.

The next two days from February 18 to 19, were dedicated to Web3 startups, with four selected categories from Education, DApps, Infrastructure, Mining, Dao, Defi, Gaming, NFTs, Metaverse, IoT, L2, Community, Cross-chain, Wallets, and Security.

Highlights of the Tech Investment Show 2023

The talks that were a highlight for me during the event are “Digital Trust in the Era of Web3.0” by Derrick Loi General Manager, International Business, Digital Technologies Ant Group is an exciting presentation that discusses the significance of digital trust in the era of Web3.0. The talk delved into how the implementation of blockchain technology and other decentralized technologies can enhance trust in digital transactions and promote the security of the user’s data.

On the other hand, “Disruptive Opportunities of Generative AI for SaaS” by Somsubhra GanChoudhuri Co-founder & CEO Ai Palette, Dr. Warodom Khamphanchai Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder AltoTech, Patarakorn Nicharankun CEO DeepCapital was also an interesting presentation. The speakers explore the impact of generative AI on the SaaS industry and how it can create new opportunities for businesses. They also discuss the challenges of implementing AI and the ethical considerations that need to be addressed.

Furthermore, “Challenges & Opportunities for Women In Web3.0 and the Future of Web3.0” by Helena Margarido COO Kodo Assets, Ain Mohd, Director Partnership Coinweb, Sharon Tse CEO Colorverse, Palida Jantratip Head of Tech Investment Show event & Co-Founder IBEO, Myrtle A. Founder & CEO Block Tides was a talk that focuses on gender diversity in the Web3.0 industry. The speakers share their experiences and discuss the challenges that women face in the technology industry. They also explore the opportunities that Web3.0 can offer for women and how it can create a more inclusive and diverse industry.

These discussions offer a diverse range of topics that showcase the potential of Web3.0 and its impact on various industries. Each presentation provides a unique perspective and insights that can help individuals and businesses stay ahead of the curve in the digital era.

Purpose and Opportunities

The show brought together a diverse group of experts from a variety of fields to talk on the topic of technology, which serves as the event’s unifying theme.

Investors had the chance to explore new and upcoming projects and start-ups for potential investments, as well as become committee team members to discover fresh ideas from innovators in Southeast Asia. The event also provides a business matching setup, where people could meet with innovators from the tech and Web3 industries one-on-one.

The event aims to provide a vibrant atmosphere for all attendees to learn, develop, and participate in the tech and Web3 community.

An opportunity to get connected with renowned venture capitalists and angel investors globally.

A platform for networking and getting to know C-Level executives, industry experts, and influential people worldwide.

Final Thoughts

My experience at the Tech Investment Show 2023 helped me to get valuable insight into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of technology. Throughout the course of the four day event, I was given the chance to take part in a few activities and workshops, acquire knowledge from panel discussions, startup pitches and presentations, to network with potential business partners, and to learn about other innovative projects. I was given the opportunity to connect with seasoned professionals in different fields and benefit from the insightful perspectives they shared.

As part of Autowhale, a crypto market maker and algo trading software company, it was an important event to be able to get insight into the state of web 3.0 and blockchain technologies, as well as learn about promising projects in the crypto space. More importantly, I made some truly beneficial connections with different individuals and expanded my professional network.

Furthermore, the Tech Investment Show 2023 gave me a better understanding of the importance of staying up to date with the ever-evolving tech world, and I look forward to attending again next year.

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